When Will They Get It?

fullsizeoutput_268fI was scrolling through Instagram and I came across a post from this IG account that has close to 150,000 followers. It stopped me in my tracks. Normally, I would just ignore it, but this person has never posted anything like this and after the whole controversy surrounding Brandon and Jen Hatmaker and their recent “outing” on their affirming of gay marriage/relationships as unions that can be holy and blessed by God, I had to say something.

I basically asked what research he (the IG account admin) had done on this subject outside of reading Romans chapter one and his reply was “let’s start with Matthew chapter 19.” Okay, so he’s done no other research and he’s speaking so boldly about something that affects the lives of real life people. I went on to tell him that it astounds me how Christians like him can so blindly continue on with these kind of memes and trite flippant little  sayings that do absolutely NOTHING for the kingdom of God but push gay people away from Jesus and prove the stereotype that Christians are narrow minded, bigoted, ignorant, and mean.

How does this meme do anything for the gay person that has been rejected by his family and friends? What does it do for the lesbian that loves Jesus but has been ostracized from her church since coming out? Or the transgendered girl that has NO idea why she’s always felt like a boy for as long as she can remember? Or the boy that doesn’t know why he is equally attracted to both boys and girls but just wants to live his life, be successful, good, find happiness, and true love. How does this meme demonstrate the love of God that brought Jesus to earth to DIE for the sins of ALL mankind?

It doesn’t. It does NOTHING. Unfortunately, there is a vast majority of men and women in the Christian church today that have elevated being gay to the front line of sins and have somehow convinced themselves that it is their mission to make it known that THEY and GOD are repulsed by gays and their gay behavior.

Here’s a bit of info about me… I’ve basically had one girlfriend in my life when I was 27. And though we got engaged the relationship wasn’t serious.  I’ve never had a relationship with a guy. I’ve been called a puritan. I’m naturally a modest person. But, since coming out this past April, I’ve been called a sodomite more times than I can count. And every single time it’s by Christians that are speaking the “truth in love.” There is seriously something wrong here.

You might be asking why I still believe… why I still follow Christ… well, it’s because I’m not going to judge the goodness and love of Jesus by his idiot followers. Jesus is the one that died for me, He shed His blood, He saved me. I follow HIM, not the people that are flawed and in NEED of Jesus just as much as I am.

Here’s a great 30 minute video by David Gushee. He’s one of Christianity’s leading ethicists. He’s been speaking for years now on his change of heart and mind concerning gays and whether one can be gay and a Christian. I’ve watched a bunch of his videos. God bless him!


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