I’ve Never Been in Love.

Do I deserve to be in love?

It sounds like such a silly, nonsensical question but when you’ve heard something for so long and it’s been ingrained in your mind it starts to take root. Intimacy, love, companionship, sex, those are for male/female relationships exclusively. To be a man that doesn’t have the ability to fall in intimate love with a woman but desires intimate love with a man, you’re crap out of luck because you just allowed to. You need to suck it up, embrace your suffering life of celibacy and deal with the loneliness because to fall in love is not something you will ever have the ability to do… it’s something you have the right to do.

So… am I deserving of love?

As I discussed in an earlier blog, my brain, for whatever odd reason, is wired a little bit differently than 97% of my family. My body chemistry may have a different balance, who really knows? Look, I can appreciate the incredible beauty of women, their grace, their loveliness, their stunning form, and the amazing things they can do. They can carry life and bring it forth! WOW! As much as I love and adore women, I just don’t have the ability or overwhelming desire to fall in love with a woman.

*le sigh* I tried. I tried for so many to be straight. As attractive as I can find a woman and even as sexy as I might find her, when it crosses over into anything sexual, it becomes awkward and uncomfortable and I just… I can’t see her in that sexualized way. That may be a bit much for this blog post so I’ll stop there.

Anyway, what I do have is the ability to fall in love with a GUY, a dude, another man! And though I’m 36 and I’ve never actually been in love, I’m a hopeless romantic beleving one day I’ll find true love! As of now, the closest I’ve been to being in love is the  classic tale of the gay guy in love with his straight best friend. See melodramatic homemade meme:


To answer my question and hopefully to answer the question of someone that might be reading my simple words, yes, I deserve to be in love and you do as well. Just because we love differently it doesn’t mean we should go the rest of our lives never experiencing the joys of loving and being loved in return. (Watch Moulin Rouge)

It’s a beautiful thing when boy meets boy. 

When I saw the video below it was the first time I ever heard the Macklemore song Same Love. I know, I know, I’m REALLY late to the party. Anyway, this video was shown at an LGBT event where the song was performed live. Click HERE to read a little more about it. I LOVE the initmacy shown in this video. I kind of wish they would have chosen at least one regular guy but whatever…

marry me from elvisdifazio on Vimeo.

This video is a real life couple’s wedding. It’s a beautiful love story.

Jimmy & Jonathan’s Wedding from SweetCinema on Vimeo.

And lastly, here’s the original Macklemore & Ryan Lewis video for Same Love.

Now, you go out there and find your one true love, you deserve it!


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